After meeting on Foregate Street several years ago, an idea was born and David, Darren and Andy thought it might be fun to pool their styles and play some real blues. It was apparent from the first rehearsal that the ‘band’ had huge potential and was soon enjoying regular appearances at blues and jazz clubs and festivals all across the midlands.

Almost five years, two albums and 180 gigs later – the Foregaters appear regularly on the circuit and would love to see you at one of their gigs. Please keep an eye on our upcomings gigs on this page or follow us on Facebook.

With a unique style, the Foregate Street Blues Band will relax your soul and take you back in time to when the melodies were sweet and the lyrics had meaning, so join them soon for an intimate evening of mellow jazzy blues…or is it bluesy jazz? No one really knows – all we do know is that you’ll love it!


Andy started playing guitar almost 35 years ago by initially studying classical guitar and much later reaching Grade 8. Andy has always enjoyed all genres of music but has consistently been drawn back to the Blues.

Initially playing a Cort electro-acoustic guitar he now plays both his hollow body semi-acoustic Ibanez AF75 and also his Eastman AR503 which he now uses for his work with The Foregaters.

Andy is always looking for new rhythms and blues styles and loves the smooth relaxed style which he has now found with the Foregate Street Blues Band.


Darren has played the Harmonica for 25 years plus and is self taught while driving to work on the Devon roads many years ago and now truly knows his instrument.

Playing a range of harps from Hohner Golden Melody, Lee Oskar, Marine Band and Hohner Special 20s, Darren uses a raft of techniques from chugging to bending and even overblows.

Although the Harp is thought of as a lead instrument, sitting just behind the vocals and guitars Darren has no ego and his subtle style adds class and a sense of calmness to even the raciest of songs while using all manner of hand shapes and Mic-art dynamics


David is a self taught guitarist, singer and songwriter who began writing and playing the Blues in 2001. He played his debut gig at Cox’s Yard in Stratford on Avon in May 2004; since then he has played 500 concerts across the UK, played at several of the major Blues festivals including Upton, Banbury, Gloucester and Nantwich and opened for many well known artists, including Chris Farlowe, Imelda May, Jon Allen, and many more.

David’s solo style has been described as uniquely mellow, but he truly shines when writing and arranging songs for the very different dynamic that comes from being part of a Blues band.


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